• Spread the Gospel of Christ for Salvation to those who are not saved in order to build the Kingdom one step at a time by Saving the lost among the college students in Columbia, MO.
  • Equipping the believers who are college students with the ability to move pass their past and taking Authority over their life with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Get College Students connected and serving in the ministry in order to empower other college students to impact the community.
  • Encourage and support College Students from living a double life and move from religion to strengthening their relationship with God.
  • Focusing on Christian discipleship by enhancing spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Meeting College students where they are and allowing for a place to specifically cultivate their God given gifts, talents, and abilities to use to serve others for the glory of God and to contribute to vision of the Body at Urban Empowerment and Vision of International ministry that is being birthed here in Columbia, MO.

Serve as a bridge from UE to the college campuses and organizations. College students connected to UE will  will be able to be pastored by qualified and anointed men and women of God starting at UE Under Bishop Lester Woods and Pastor Christine Woods.


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