SWAT (Spreading the word around town)- Through the utilization and mastery of every conceivable medium we will communicate the message of urban empowerment to every man, woman, and child outside of the sanctuary as well as within. Perfect for (but not limited to) communication, journalism, and business majors.

KEK (Kids empowering Kids)- This ministry is designed to impact the lives of our youth with a word of God in a fun, effective and Christ-led atmosphere. Perfect for (but not limited to) education, HDFS, and psychology majors.

Creative arts- this ministry creates an atmosphere conducive to pure praise and worship. It includes music, dance, and poetry. Perfect for theater majors and people who have the gift of singing, dancing or playing an instrument

Teen and Tween Talk-This ministry is devoted to linking our younger generation with positive role models and academic tutors to train them to be young men and women of God. If you would like to be a light to the youth, this ministry is perfect for you!
Single Mothers Group- Empowering the community of single mothers to impact a people.

WEW (Women Empowering Women)- This ministry is devoted to creating opportunities for women to empower one another spiritually, emotionally and physically by identifying struggles and transcending them in order to discover the women who God intended us to be.

R.E.A.L M.E.N- This ministry provides opportunities for men to develop and strengthen the Christ driven purpose of their lives. It equips them with biblical truths that will enhance their abilities and strengthen their relationships with each other has husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends.

Tech Team- This ministry strives to provide technical support including audio, visual, sound equipment to enhance Urban Empowerment services and events. Perfect for (but not limited to) Broadcast journalism majors, engineering, etc..


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